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Email Honeypot is an Email Search Engine.

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Gain Insights, Outperform Competitors, and Maximize ROI with Email Honeypot's Intelligent Tools.

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Leverage Our Data for Enhanced Email Strategies

Utilize our data to craft and enhance your email strategy, analyze campaigns from both competitors and peers, and access valuable e-commerce insights and industry trends for brands and business sectors

Keyword Frequency Analysis.
Discover the most frequently used words in a brand's email subject lines.
Recent Subject Line Tracking.
Stay up-to-date with the latest subject lines used in email campaigns.
Monthly Email Volume Metrics.
Gain insights into email marketing efforts by tracking the number of emails sent per month.
Optimal Sending Time Insights.
Identify the most common and effective times to send your email campaigns for maximum impact.
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In today's hyper-competitive business landscape, effective communication with your audience is paramount. Email marketing remains a powerful tool for engaging customers, promoting products, and building brand loyalty. Whether you're a dynamic startup or a seasoned Fortune 5000 corporation, leveraging Email Honeypots intelligence tool can be a game-changer for your marketing strategy.

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  • Thousands of Emails
  • 1 Included User
  • Basic analytics
  • 48-hour support response time
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A plan that scales with your rapidly growing business.

$32 /month

  • Millions of Emails
  • Growing Library of +500k Emails
  • Advanced analytics
  • 24-hour support response time
  • Boards & Folders
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Dedicated support and infrastructure for your company.

$48 /month

  • 5 Included Users
  • AI Email Templates
  • Landing Page Screenshot
  • 1-hour, dedicated support response time
  • Marketing automations
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Our users love Email Honeypot

“As a marketing professional, I've tried many tools, but Email Honeypot is one of a kind. It's a goldmine for industry insights and competitor analysis. It's now an essential part of our toolkit”

Olivia Stratton

“Impressed with Email Honeypot's email volume metrics. It helps us fine-tune our email campaigns and ensure we're sending the right message at the right time. Great tool for any business!”

Benjamin McClelland

“It provides us with a competitive edge by tracking our competitors' moves. A must-have for any serious marketer”

Madison Brandt

“Email Honeypot's optimal sending time insights have boosted our email engagement. It's like having a crystal ball for email marketing success!”

Harrison Foster

Create email campaigns faster

Everything you need to get higher open rates

Even more features.

Explore Thousands of Emails from Leading Brands
Dive into a treasure trove of over 1,200,000 emails from your favorite brands. Unearth captivating headlines, stunning visuals, and persuasive ad copy. Curious about their email strategies? We’ve got you covered.
Peek Behind the Curtain
We go beyond mere screenshots. Delve into the HTML and plain text to witness the craftsmanship behind those gorgeous emails.
Unlock Competitor Secrets
Stay ahead of the curve by uncovering the holidays and coupon codes your competitors are leveraging. Gain a competitive edge in the email marketing arena.
Master the Art of Subject Lines
Discover not just subject line ideas, but also the strategies that lead to sky-high open rates. Our expert analysis dissects subject lines from a marketer’s perspective, revealing their secret sauce.

Dominate Email Marketing.
Start using our app today.

Gain Insights, Outperform Competitors, and Maximize ROI with Email Honeypot's Intelligent Tools.